How to Repair a Scratched Glass Window

A tree limb rubbing against the glass on a window can cause minor scratches in the glass or a pet can scratch the glass as it struggles to get out of a room. These scratches can affect the clarity of the view as you look out of that scratched window because dirt builds up in those scratches. This article discusses how you can repair these scratches so that the expense of replacing the glass in that window is avoided.

How to Install a Pet Door

Installing a pet door for your cat or dog can introduce you to a whole new perspective on life - a life where you can sleep in past 6am when your precious puss or pooch demands to be let out of the house! Here are some things to consider when you choose the best pet door for your house. Choosing the correct size of door If you only have one pet, the choice is relatively simple as pet doors are usually rated by pet weight.