Windscreen Damage: Importance Of Immediate Glass Repairs

The windscreen can easily sustain damage from pebbles or stones when the driving conditions are not ideal. This mishap can leave small chips, cracks and even significant fractures on the auto glass. The blemishes are often minor so it is easy to ignore the occurrence and to put off an appointment with a vehicle glazing technician. This course of action is detrimental in terms of the vehicle's structural integrity and, subsequently, your safety. Here are the main reasons why you should engage emergency services for immediate glass repair.

Escalation of Damage

A windscreen is an indispensable component of the vehicle; it protects the occupant from rushing air and flying debris. When the glass is cracked or chipped, the feature loses its integrity and consequently, lowers the level of protection. If a stray object hits this weakened feature, the glass may fail completely. In addition, a small crack which seems insignificant can spread the flaw to rest of the surface. It will act as a primary fracture which will facilitate formation of secondary cracks even without external intervention. If you hire a glass technician for repair immediately after the initial damage, the windscreen can be restored to its original strength. This will also prevent the occurrence of additional cracks on the glass.

Lower Costs

The costs of immediate glass repair are relatively low because the damage is localised after the impact. As mentioned, the cracks will spread with time and this is guaranteed to increase the total costs of repair. Moreover, extensive breakage often cannot be repaired and you will have to purchase a completely new windscreen. Emergency glass repair services are particularly vital if your insurance policy does not cover damages to the windscreen. You should also remember that the cost of the replacement is extensive so it may not be fully covered if you are insured.

The exact charges for repair services will vary depending on the extent of damage and the chosen auto glass company. However, you can ideally expect prices below $100 for mending chips and cracks. Windscreen replacements are expensive so you will be required to pay more to get a new item.

Effects of Weather

Unsealed cracks and chips on the windscreen can amplify the effects of cold and rainy weather. For instance, the fractures will allow the inflow of cold air and accumulation of foggy vapour in the affected areas. This will affect the function of the heater and window defroster, creating unsuitable interior vehicle conditions.