Beat the Summer Heat with Outdoor Shower Screens

An outdoor shower is a great way to beat the summer heat. Activities such as gardening and sports can leave you drenched in sweat. Outdoor showers give you a chance to get clean before getting into the house. Even if you do not have a spa or pool, you can still enjoy outdoor showers. The kids will also enjoy showering outdoors. With several options, it is easy to add a shower screen in your compound, which will survive harsh weather.

Glass Block

Glass block allows plenty of sunlight while at the same time offering privacy. Glass block needs structural support. It is, therefore, best to install it on a concrete floor that can withstand its weight. You can strengthen it with metal strips or rods so that it survives winter and stormy weather. The shower screen corners can be reinforced with treated wood, metal or concrete blocks.

PVC and Tarp

If you need a seasonal or temporary outdoor shower, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and tarp are good choices. PVC is water resistant, versatile and flexible. Tent stakes and metal ties can help keep the shower from being blown away. The walls of the shower screen can be made using tarp or vinyl. Buy material to fit the frame. For reinforcement, add metal grommets on the panels and the edges. PVC and tarp shower screens can be good for a camping vacation.

Fence Components

Vinyl and wood can now be purchased in prefabricated panels. These panels make sturdy showers with enough privacy. Fence panels can be cut to fit the required widths. These panels should be cut at the edges. This way you can easily cut out three sides and leave a space for the door. A prefabricated gate panel can make a strong door. Stakes can be fitted in the ground. Stakes can be dismantled for storage and then assembled again when in use. Additionally, if you have bamboo, it can make a living shower screen.

Mosaic Tile Screen

A green glass tile blend can make a good shower screen. The best thing about the mosaic tile is that it blends very well with nature. To complete this nature theme, you can install a rainfall shower head. This is a simple, minimalist design, but the effect is like you are showering in the rain. The shower can also be built under a tree. This will provide shade and the tree will act as support for the shower head.