Why Call for Emergency Glass Repair When a Window Has a Crack or Chip?

If a window in your home or business has a crack or chip, you want to call for emergency 24-hour glass repair right away. This is not a problem that should wait until it's convenient for you to have the window replaced but is something that you should address quickly. There are a few reasons for this and for why you want to call a company that specializes in emergency repair work. Note the following.

1. Cracks can lead to shattered glass

Glass of any sort is very heavy, and when it has a crack or chip, the weight of the glass bears down on that broken area. This weight can cause that crack or chip to shatter very easily, often when you least expect it. That chipped or cracked area is not strong enough to hold up the glass above or around it, and this pressure or force can mean the entire pane shattering and then falling out of the frame. This can be very dangerous if anyone is near the window when it happens, and if it should happen at night, this leaves your home or business vulnerable to a break-in.

2. Some cracks and chips can be repaired easily

You may not need to have an entire window pane replaced when it has a crack or chip but may be able to have the glass repaired with a resin or other filler. However, these fillers are often only useable on smaller chips and cracks; once the break is larger than the size of a coin, it may be too big to be filled in this way. Fillers are much less expensive than an entire window pane, so calling for emergency repairs right away can mean saving you money on the cost of repair versus letting the crack or chip get larger over time.

3. Emergency glass repair may give priority to your home or business 

Calling a standard glass replacement company may mean having to wait until they can fit you into their schedule for examining and replacing your broken window. Standard window replacement companies may work on new construction or have customers who simply want to upgrade their windows, not just those who have broken windows. However, emergency glass repair companies that specialize in 24-hour service will often make broken windows in homes and businesses their first priority. Don't assume if you call a standard window company and are told that it will take days to get an appointment that you will simply need to wait, but call an emergency repair company instead.

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