Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home or Office

During the construction of a commercial or residential building, it will only be a matter of time before the owners are faced with the critical decision of whether to purchase single- or double-glazed window panes. Many people are aware that double-glazed window panes offer better insulation in comparison to standard windows. Further to that, they are also cost more. This begs the question: Are double-glazed panes worth the additional cost? By understanding how a double-glazed window typically works, property owners will be in a better place to make an informed decision whether or not double-glazed window panes are the ideal choice for them.

How double-glazed panes work

As the name implies, double-glazed windows consist of two glass panes within a single window frame. Stuck between the two glass panes is a cavity or space that is filled with a special gas referred to as argon or dehydrated air. The secret behind a double-glazed window's outstanding insulation is related to the space or cavity between its two glass panes. The enclosed air in this gap typically serves two crucial functions.

Better thermal insulation

Heat is spread through adjoining materials through conduction, convection or radiation. Typically, heat is lost from a hotter surface, for example, a room-facing window, to a cooler surface, like an open-air facing window. Since the cavity between double-glazed panes is filled with dehydrated air instead of standard air, heat exchange involving the two glass windows is significantly reduced. Note that molecules of inert gases such as argon or dehydrated air are generally less mobile in contrast to standard air. As a result, heat is highly unlikely to find its way into your home or office during summer, and the cold temperatures are also highly unlikely to find their way inside your home or office during winter. This eliminates the need to use heating or air conditioning as much, and this helps bring down your monthly utility expenses.

Acoustic insulation

Besides thermal insulation, double-glazed windows are also excellent sound insulators. This is because sound is unable to pass via the two glass panes, as well as the cavity in between the windows. As a result, you will hear much reduced external noise-reduced traffic noise, reduced noise from people conversing or hosting a party next door or kids playing. Your home or office will feel quite peaceful and serene, a perfect ingredient for productivity.

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