Why Tempered Glass Windows Are Ideal for Storefronts

During commercial window installation, property owners consider several window properties, including resiliency, durability, and thermal efficiency. Also, since commercial buildings host different businesses, the windows should improve comfort levels. Storefront windows should display goods clearly, offer security, and enhance energy efficiency. With tampered glass windows, you can turn a window-shopping experience into real shopping, leading to profits. Tempered glass is increasingly being used in storefronts due to a host of benefits discussed in this article.

It is Stronger

Tempered glass is manufactured by heating standard glass, which is then cooled rapidly to make it stronger. The process is known as thermal tempering. During the cooling process, the outer glass surface cools faster than the inner surface because of the external compression pressure and the internal tensional force.  Tempered glass is durable than regular annealed glass since it can withstand surface compression of at least 10,000 PSI, which is four times stronger than regular glass. 

A Range of Glass Window Designs

A uniquely designed storefront window can attract more customers into a shop than a traditional window design. Besides its sturdiness, tempered glass windows come in various shapes and styles, including frosted, translucent, and transparent. However, note that glass should be cut into the desired shape and size before the thermal tempering process. 

Energy Efficiency

Tempered glass offers you the same energy efficiency benefits as regular glass. However, the coating applied to tempered glass enhances insulation, ensuring minimal loss of energy. Some of the glass coatings used to guarantee lifelong energy efficiency include Neat Glass and LoE-366. High-grade tempered glass windows have foam-filled vinyl frames, which shield indoor spaces against air infiltration. 

High Resistance for Better Security

Storefront windows should be designed to deter would-be burglars from accessing your property. Standard glass windows with cracks are more likely to attract criminals. However, tempered glass has resistive qualities that make it unlikely to shatter, which can dissuade burglars from breaking into your property. Besides, tempered glass is suitable for storefronts located in areas that experience unpredictable weather conditions, such as strong winds, dust storms, heavy rainfall, and thunderstorms. The glass can withstand extreme weather conditions and the occasional wear and tear.   

Safe Workspace

One primary concern with annealed glass windows is that they break into large shards that can be injurious. The extra strength of tempered glass windows is vital for preventing shattering since it breaks into dull pieces instead of huge shards. Therefore, installing tempered glass in storefront windows ensures a safe space for you and your customers. Besides, if tempered glass breaks, it is easy and safe to clean. 

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