Three Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Shower Screen

A shower screen is not the most important door in your home, but without it, you end up with a tonne of water on your bathroom floor. Not many homeowners take a close look at their shower screens regularly, but it is important to do so to determine whether maintenance or replacement is required. There are three main signs that it is time to replace your shower screen, so head into your bathroom and see if any of these indicators apply to you.

Water, Water Everywhere

As stated above, the chief job of the shower screen is to keep your shower water inside the shower and not on the floor. Therefore, if you step outside of the shower and there is water on the floor, then the screen is not doing its job. The main reason for a shower screen leaking is that it no longer sits tightly against the frame. This could be due to the seal around the screen degrading with age. Alternatively, if your home has shifted slightly due to soil subsidence beneath it, then the frame will no longer be flush around the shower screen. Water on the floor means you need to call a shower screen professional to realign the screen for you. If it cannot be realigned, then it needs to be replaced.

Cannot Clean Screen

Over time, hard water takes its toll on a shower screen. Shower screens become discoloured and hazy due to a buildup of mineral stains and soap scum. Mould and mildew are also top contributors of a discoloured shower screen. You can purchase cleaning products at your local supermarket or hardware store which will assist with clearing away this buildup. However, if cleaning products and elbow grease do not clear your shower screen, then replacement needs to be considered. Not only is a crystal-clear shower screen aesthetically pleasing, but it is also a safety issue to have children showering behind dirty glass, as you cannot quickly tell they are in trouble if an accident occurs.

Damaged Shower Screen

A small chip or crack on a shower screen may not appear to be a big deal, but it can be. Any damage to the shower screen weakens the structural integrity of the screen. A shower screen which has been weakened could explode into thousands of pieces if something knocks into it. Have damage immediately repaired or have the shower screen replaced to protect all those who use the shower.

A professional glass company can take care of all your shower screen needs, so give them a call if you suspect your shower screens require attention.