Reasons you need security screens installed on your doors and windows

Over the years, crime rates have continued to increase, hence the need to come up with new countermeasures. In the modern world, more and more people are building luxurious houses in which most of them have glass doors and windows. This might be the trend in having your house look well, but could also be an opportunity for buglers to break into your home. With homes and schools being the most targeted places for these break-ins, the security industry has managed to come up with a solution that may help slow down the break-in. This gives you enough time to respond to the threat or call in the security officers. Below are some of the reasons you need your doors and windows fitted with security screens.

1. Protects the doors and windows 

One of the major benefits that come with security screens is the increased protection they offer to your doors and windows. This is most important for residents that live in places that face extreme weather conditions. For instance, when your area of residence is freezing, the formation of ice could cause permanent damage, especially to residents that have wooden doors and windows installed. When you have security screens installed, there is a barrier between the door and the structure preventing premature wear and tear.

2. Provides enhanced efficiency

The other benefit you'll get from installing security screens is the amount of energy you'll save over time. They improve energy efficiency in your home by providing insulation to your home. The additional layer of insulation to the doors and windows prevents heat loss, hence keeping your home warmer during the cold seasons. Due to the insulation to the doors and windows, the security screens reduce the likelihood of your home developing cracks mostly caused by deformed doors.

3. Are multi-functional

In neighbourhoods where children are constantly playing outside the house, security screens serve as a shield against projectiles. However, this is not the only reason you may want to invest in security screens. They can also be customised to make your entrance look more pleasing to the eye. They can be made to the design of your choice, either transparent or translucent, and have a variety of colours to choose from. During the summer and depending on the security screen design, you can leave the doors and windows open to let the cool air in without compromising on security.