How to Repair a Scratched Glass Window

A tree limb rubbing against the glass on a window can cause minor scratches in the glass or a pet can scratch the glass as it struggles to get out of a room. These scratches can affect the clarity of the view as you look out of that scratched window because dirt builds up in those scratches. This article discusses how you can repair these scratches so that the expense of replacing the glass in that window is avoided.

Clean the Glass

The first step is to ensure that the glass is free from any dirt before you start the glass repair work. Use a lint-free cloth and a glass-cleaning agent to clean the site thoroughly. Give it a few minutes to dry.

Prepare the Polishing Mixture

Mix the polishing powder with water as you wait for the scratch site to dry. The mixing instructions are contained in the polishing kit you bought for this project so follow them carefully. Free the polishing pad from its paper wrapping and attach it to your drill. Make sure it is tightly in place before you proceed to the next steps because it may be detached as you repair the scratch in the glass if it is loose.

Mark the Scratch Site

Use a grease pencil to draw a clear circle around the area where there is a scratch in the glass. Grease pencils are available in hardware stores so buy one for this project. That circle you draw will mark the area where your efforts in the next steps should be concentrated.

Start Polishing the Scratch

Dip a rag into the polishing mixture you prepared earlier and apply that liquid in the area demarcated by the grease circle. Now pick the drill and place the end with the polishing pad inside the grease circle. Turn on the drill at the slowest speed and begin moving the pad in circles for about half a minute. Use the rag to add more polishing mixture into the marked circle and repeat the polishing process with the drill.

Check Your Progress

Use the tip of your finger to feel the area within the circle for any remaining scratch. If you can still feel a part where a scratch is present, apply more of the scratch-repair mixture and repeat the polishing process as described earlier. Do this until you can no longer feel any scratch in the glass.

Clean the Scratch Site

Use a glass-cleaning agent and a lint-free cloth to clean the area inside the circle until it is spotless. The circle should no longer be visible at the end of this stage.

That is how simple it is to repair a scratch in your glass window. If the damage is more than a scratch then regard it as a crack and replace the glass.