How to Install a Pet Door

Installing a pet door for your cat or dog can introduce you to a whole new perspective on life - a life where you can sleep in past 6am when your precious puss or pooch demands to be let out of the house!

Here are some things to consider when you choose the best pet door for your house.

Choosing the correct size of door

If you only have one pet, the choice is relatively simple as pet doors are usually rated by pet weight. (Not sure how much your pet weighs? Try jumping on the scales with your pet in your arms, then with no pet in your arms. The difference is your pet's weight.)

If you have multiple pets it can be trickier. Generally you should go with the weight of your heaviest pet, but make sure to test the door model you are considering to see how much pressure the pet needs to apply to open the door. You may need to size down a little and relying on your bigger to squeeze themselves down to get out.

Lockable or not

If you have some cats in your house you probably want or need to keep your cat inside overnight (as several Australian states legally require cat owners to keep their cats indoors overnight). Cats have a tendency to target Australian flora and fauna overnight. You may be more open to allowing your dogs out overnight. If are looking for a high tech option you can go for a pet door with matching collars with a wifi unlock ability, which can restrict your pets to stay in overnight and allow them to leave the house at a given hour each morning. This can also stop the neighbourhood pets sneaking in and raiding your pet's food door. 

Finding the best location

Finding the best location for your door depends on your house configuration. You want to find somewhere that leads into a enclosed yard rather than a road way for your pet's safety, and somewhere not near your bed so you don't get woken by middle of the night entries and exits (if relevant). A fixed glass door tends to be the most stable option. A professional glass fitter like Professional Glass & Maintenance can help you choose a good location for your door.

Don't delay in getting your pet door installed - your pillow awaits! You pet will appreciate the independence and you'll appreciate the sleep ins.